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Our Services

Finding and Acquiring Vehicles from Around the World Handling of All Major Currencies
Flexible Payment Terms gear39 Comprehensive Logistics Management for a Complete, Turnkey Solution
Export documents / customs clearance Insurance Coverage
Order Tracking on Our Secure Website Customized Reporting Regarding Your Orders

Who We Are

Export US Autos is a professional vehicle-exporting company
serving dealers and brokers around the world.


We locate vehicles around the world and ship to locations around the world. Vehicles are purchased directly and exclusively from reputable dealers and brokers. (We also offer other products for export. Please contact us for details.)

We specialize in current-model and slightly used vehicles.
Typically, we help dealers and brokers find premium, luxury automobiles for their most discerning customers.

Our global network of suppliers ensures that we can find any desired vehicle.
You can rely on us to obtain any desired in-stock units or factory orders—including fleet orders—of all makes and models.

We handle all major currencies.
International transactions can be completed in United States dollars (USD), Canadian dollars (CAD), European euros (EUR), British pounds (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Australian dollars (AUD) and New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Flexible payment terms help you manage your cash flow.
We offer three different options that are well suited for international sales: prepaid, Letter of Credit (L/C), and Net 30 term arrangements. (Please note: U.S. purchases are bound by federal and state laws.)

We have a proven-effective sales process to ensure customer satisfaction.
This systematic process is bound to a high set of standards and based on extensive exporting experience. In fact, we have been serving international dealers and brokers successfully since 2007. Our clients know they can expect superb quality and a smooth process with every order.

We service only licensed dealers and brokers around the world.
Unfortunately, we do not handle retail markets.

We are a proud member of NAATA Logo

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In land transport


We arrange truck and/or rail transportation of each vehicle from its point of origin—which may be in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America or some other part of the world.

Every vehicle ordered through us is fully insured to cover any potential damage that might occur by accident during inland transport. You also can choose to purchase marine insurance to cover ocean transport.

Ocean transport

Export documents/ Customs clearance

Unlike some other vehicle export companies, we manage both inland AND ocean transport of your orders. This creates a more complete solution for you, and allows us to determine the overall best routes and rates in order to minimize your costs.

We provide all of the documentation that is necessary for the export process—and we do so in a timely matter to ensure expeditious transport. Our skillful management of this important paperwork, along with the other logistics listed above, produces a highly efficient shipping process.

Customized Tracking And Reporting System

Track your orders online at any time, from anywhere in the world.

You are able to access our system 24/7 to view photos, titles, logistics, customs documents, logs of completed transactions and other information—essentially all of the minutia that goes along with buying and shipping vehicles.

Obtain detailed reporting regarding your orders.

Your personalized reports are available as PDF documents that you can download, view and save. Each report will cover a range of information, such as average price range, average time for delivery to port, a breakdown of vehicle brands ordered, etc.

Know that your confidential information is secure.

Our tracking system is accessible to our clients via a password-protected website.

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Brands We Sell

Cadillac Rolls Royce Mini Ferrari Dodge Chrysler Chevrolet
bugatti BMW bentley audi Tesla Suzuki Subaru
Scion Ram Porsche Nissan Mitsubishi Mercedes-Benz Maserati
Lincoln Lexus Land-Rover Lamborghini.jpg Kia Jeep Jaguar
Honda GMC Fiat    Smart  Lotus  Isuzu